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Adult & Dirty eCards. Our adult eCards are racy and slightly dirty, but also high brow. Designed by Threadless and other top designers, each card can be customized with your own message or image, and then sent for free via Facebook or email. For more good natured fun, we have silly and crazy eCards . Naughty E-Cards Adult E-Cards send your sexy humor Ecards. The Naughty E-Cards Classics: click on the thumbnails to see a preview. Naughty and Sensual Videos from the ecards. Happy Ending Massage Uncut.. Chill House Erotic Buddha.. Erotic AffairsLounge.. Erotic Lounge Luxury Chill.. Straight To Number One Touch.. New Age Style Erotic Lounge.. Straight To Number One Touch.

The Talking Love Wiener, one of our funny ecards for adults, allows you to make him say any dang thing that comes into your head. Make your message lurid or silly, flirtacious or coy; he will say it all. Doozy Cards adult ecards celebrate birthdays: Sexy Beach Dude Birthday gives your intended recipient a big eyefull of hunks by the ocean. The Premier Site for Adult Ecards: JennyCards offers more than 7,000 adult ecards.

Funny eCards. Choose from a wide selection of hilarious eCards to make anyone and everyone laugh. From funny eCards for adults to humorous cards for kids, we've got greetings to . We were born to create Adult Greeting Cards. We know that buying a card from the grocery store is the same thing as talking at church. At NobleWorks, our Naughty Adult Greeting Cards are filled with the honesty and authenticity that perfectly captures how you and your friends talk to each other. Each of you know where all the bodies are buried.