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dont eminem fuck give i just lyric -

Eminem details his writing process for this track in his lyrics book Angry Blonde: “Just Don’t Give a Fuck” was a song that I wrote when I was staying at my mother’s house. I just don't give a fuck! But see me on the street and duck 'Cause you gon' get stuck, stoned and snuffed 'Cause I just don't give a fuck! [Verse Two: Eminem] I'm nicer than Pete, but I'm on a Search to crush a Milkbone I'm everlasting, I melt Vanilla Ice like silicone I'm .

Lyrics to 'Just Don't Give A Fuck' by Eminem. Woah, uh get your hands in the air And get to clapping 'em and, like, back and forth Because this is what you thought it wasn't It be's the brothers representin' the Dirty Dozen I be the F-R-O the double G. In his 2000 book Angry Blonde Eminem explained. This was my manager Paul’s concept. He called me one day while I was in Cali, saying, “You need to do a "Just Don’t Give a Fuck, Part 2”. I.