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Suck-up definition is - a person who is ingratiating or fawning. How to use suck-up in a sentence. Somebody who will generally do ANYTHING for another person, and they will agree to anything said by that person as well. They will never disagree nor argue no matter what. Also known as a sheep.

Define suck up. suck up synonyms, suck up pronunciation, suck up translation, English dictionary definition of suck up. v. sucked, suck·ing, sucks v. tr. 1. a. To draw into the mouth by movements of the tongue and lips that create suction. b. To draw a liquid into the mouth. Suck definition is - to draw (something, such as liquid) into the mouth through a suction force produced by movements of the lips and tongue. How to use suck in a sentence.

Suck up definition, to draw into the mouth by producing a partial vacuum by action of the lips and tongue: to suck lemonade through a straw. See more. suck up to sb meaning: to try to make someone in authority approve of you by doing and saying things that will please them. Learn more.