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Jan 02, 2019 · my Thumb hurts so bad it started out like my thumb was sticking in the joint where my thumb bends now i can’t bend my thumb at all and sometimes i bend it in my sleep and the pain is so bad it wakes me up and i have to take my other hand and bend it back up i can use my other hand to bend my thumb and it doesn’t hurt but i can’t bend my. Apr 14, 2011 · I cant bend my thumb as it is very painful indeed and is very restricted. what could be wrong with it? - Answered by a verified Doctor I cant bend my thumb as it is very painful indeed and is very restricted. what could be wrong with it? Submitted: 8 years ago. I have a problem with my tendons (thumbs) is there a surgical procedure.

Jan 26, 2017 · Thumb injuries are very common and can be caused by anything from too much texting to carpal tunnel syndrome. If the joint pain is persistent or concerning, contact your physician to receive a Author: Dr. Victor Marchione. The first potential non-traumatic reason you can’t straighten your finger is stenosing tenosynovitis, commonly known as “trigger finger.” Trigger finger involves the tendons and occurs when the fingers are not bending properly. In a healthy person’s finger, pulleys – like a series of rings — are meant to guide tendons through the.

Trigger finger is a type of tendinitis which develops in the tendons which bend the fingers. It is a common problem because of the way that the hand is made, which may be a little different than you would suspect. There are no muscles in the fingers themselves. We actually move our fingers by remote control. Trigger finger or trigger thumb is a condition that causes your fingers or thumb get stuck in a bent position. Those with trigger finger or trigger thumb may have stiffness when bending the finger(s) or hear snapping and popping when moving the finger(s). Depending on the severity of the condition, treatment options can range from rest to surgery.