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Aug 22, 2017 · Almost no vagina is too tight for intercourse. Sometimes, however, you have to help prepare a bit for penetration. Find out how the vagina changes shape and elasticity over a Author: Kimberly Holland. A tight vag can be caused by disinterest in having sex or she needs foreplay to moisten and relax vaginal muscles. There are tons of circulating myths about being too tight or too loose and this article may help dispel some of them and give you interesting information on how to loosen vagina Author: Phillipgoodman.

Jun 04, 2013 · You can maintain a tight vagina until death.) #2 Vagina loosens after multiple births (e.g. four babies over four years, and not having a break in between to strengthen the pelvic floor muscle after each one.) #3 There are rare cases where vaginal looseness happens due to severe medical conditions. My 6 Fav’s To Naturally Tighten The VaginaAuthor: Adina Rivers. If you are simply wanting to be tighter for your sex’s life sake, the more natural the better. There is no need to go through a difficult surgery just to get your vagina tighter than before. Natural remedies can help you and cost you much less than a visit with a doctor would.

Remember, having less sex will not keep your vagina tighter. The reasons the vagina gets loose is due to the natural stretching and tearing of the muscles on the vaginal walls when you give birth or get older. As with every other part of our body, the vagina has muscles that contract and relax. Sep 16, 2011 · Many women complain that their vaginas are "too tight" or "too loose," and many men raise the issue about lovers. Notions of vaginal tightness and looseness are .